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Introduction to Songshan Lake’s Education System

(October 2018)

Taking "Smart Education" as the foundation and guarantee for modern education, Songshan Lake has step by step improved educational resources, explored reform and innovation in teacher development, curricula construction and home-school cooperation, and boosted overall development of education. Songshan Lake has been committed to promoting balanced development of regional education, making the educational brand of "Studying in Songshan Lake" bigger and stronger, and building itself into a highland of education.

Now Songshan Lake has the following schools:

11 kindergartens: Songshan Lake Central Kindergarten (public); Yiming Kindergarten; Central Area Yiming Kindergarten; Lvhe Kindergarten (inclusive); Mumian Huayu Kindergarten; Princeton Kindergarten; Princeton Second Kindergarten; Hongshanhu Xinxing Kindergarten; Yiming Cuilongwan Kindergarten; Donghua Kindergarten; Tsinglan Kindergarten

3 primary schools: Songshan Lake Central Primary School (public); Songshan Lake Experimental Primary School (public); Songshan Lake First Primary School (public)

6 middle schools: Songshan Lake Experimental Middle School (public); Dongguan Middle School - SSL School (a public junior and senior high school); South Foreign Language School (a private primary and secondary school); Guanmei International School (a private primary, junior high and senior high school); Tsinglan School (a primary and secondary school); TungWah High School - SSL Campus (a private primary, junior high and senior high school)

3 colleges and universities: Dongguan University of Technology; Guangdong Medical University; Dongguan Polytechnic

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