Notice on printing and distributing the patent subsidy (Trial) of Songshan Lake (ecological garden) in Dongguan
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Now the "Songshan Lake (Ecological Park) patent subsidy Award (Trial)" issued to you, please earnestly implement.

Dongguan Songshan high tech Zone Management Committee Dongguan Ecological Industrial Park Management Committee

November 17, 2015

Measures for patent subsidy of Songshan Lake (Ecological Park) (Trial)

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Article 1 in order to further the implementation of "outline of national intellectual property strategy", give full play to the intellectual property system to promote technological innovation and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises in the role, and strive to improve the intellectual property creation, utilization, management and protection ability, combined with the actual Park, to develop this approach.

The second patent grant funds are allocated from the special intellectual property rights of the special fund for the development of Songshan Lake Science and technology fund, and the amount of the awards should be arranged according to the actual application.

The third method supports the reward object:

1, in Songshan Lake (Ecological Park) registration, engaged in production, operation, research and other activities, and Songshan Lake (Ecological Park) address patent applications of enterprises and institutions, social organizations and individuals engaged in patent work;

2, intellectual property service institutions with outstanding achievements in intellectual property rights (patent) services and training;

3. The patent agency which has been registered by Guangdong Provincial Intellectual Property Office, registered in the park and passed the annual inspection of the previous year;

The patents involved in the award include more than one applicant and the right holder, and the object of the grant must be the first applicant and the right holder to apply for the patent at Songshan Lake (Ecological Park) address.

The grant funds do not support the units and individuals who have non-standard patent applications, such as patent disputes and non normal, and the patent data shall be issued by the State Intellectual Property office.

The second chapter grants

Article fifth; invention patent application grant

After applying for notice of acceptance of the invention patent for the enterprises, institutions and individuals in the park, the patent application grant shall be granted, and the invention patent shall be paid 5000 yuan each.

Sixth patent transaction grants

For enterprises that have purchased and converted through the patent, the total amount of the patent transactions in the year increased by more than 100 thousand yuan, and 10% of the total amount of the transaction was granted, with a maximum of no more than 300 thousand yuan.

Through the transfer, the implementation of the license, the valuation of shares and other ways to introduce outstanding patent assets in Songshan Lake (Ecological Park) the implementation of the patent technology trading agency, according to 1% of the patent assets transaction amount to grant, the same institution each year the maximum amount of aid is not more than 300 thousand yuan.

Seventh exhibition intellectual property rights (patent) protection funding

In the Songshan Lake (Ecological Park) exhibition intellectual property rights (patent) protection activities, according to the actual cost of expenditure to grant, single project each subsidy up to no more than 30 thousand yuan.

Applications for exhibition intellectual property rights (patent) protection projects funded by the exhibition organizers to submit applications, and meet the following conditions:

(1) the exhibition site is located in Songshan Lake (ecological park);

(two) intellectual property rights (patent) protection activities should be examined and approved by the Intellectual Property Office of Songshan Lake (Ecological Park) before the exhibition is held;

(three) have a certain industry position, exhibition area of 3000 square meters and above;

(four) the holding time of a single exhibition is not less than 3 days;

(five) to carry out the protection of intellectual property rights (patents) in exhibitions. Intellectual property rights (patent) disputes and complaints stations are set up at the exhibition site, and intellectual property rights protection agencies established in our city are invited to safeguard their rights and conduct patent protection activities, such as propaganda consultation service and dispute settlement;

(six) actively cooperate with relevant intellectual property departments to deal with intellectual property disputes in the exhibition and investigate and punish violations of intellectual property rights.

Eighth foreign patent rights protection funding

With independent core patents, preliminary establishment of patent early warning emergency, overseas rights protection and dispute settlement mechanism, and actively participate in foreign patent dispute settlement, win or reach a settlement, and no malicious infringement of foreign intellectual property rights of enterprises, grant 100 thousand yuan.

Ninth   intellectual property services office rental funding

The newly introduced to be stationed in Songshan Lake (Ecological Park) intellectual property services intellectual property Service Industry Cluster Development Experimental Zone: self introduction into in a period of three years, for office space rental subsidy (100 square meters, after the first pay for, by no more than 35 yuan per square month funding standard). The intellectual property services organization applying for financial assistance shall meet the following conditions:

It complies with the provisions of the third article of the present measures;

There are more than 6 staff members;

Signed the lease agreement for more than three years and incorporated it into one year.

The third chapter Awards

Tenth patent licensing Awards

The invention patents granted by the enterprises, institutions and individuals in the park have been awarded 5000 yuan for each invention patent; the utility model patent granted by the utility model has been awarded 1000 yuan for each utility model patent; and 2000 yuan has been awarded for the first domestic invention patent authorization. The invention patents granted by Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan or foreign countries have been awarded 10000 yuan (the same technical scheme can be granted both domestic authorized invention patents and one of Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan or foreign authorized invention patents).

Eleventh large patent applications reward

Registered in the Songshan Lake high tech Zone, is the main product sales tax and the production, design, scientific research, universities and other institutions, last year more than 30 patent applications, a one-time reward 30 thousand yuan, and according to the series, each increase of 30, increase 30 thousand yuan reward. Last year, more than 100 patent applications for invention patents were granted, and 100 thousand yuan was awarded for a single time. According to the equal increase series, 100 yuan was added to reward 100 thousand yuan each. The above two awards are executed according to the principle of "high repetition". In accordance with the order of the amount of invention patent application, the priority of solving the compulsory education problem of the inventor of invention patent under the same conditions shall be given priority to.

Twelfth standards, demonstration, advantages of corporate incentives

On the "standard" enterprise intellectual property management standards national standards identified enterprises, given 100 thousand yuan reward (has won the city standards funded enterprises, parks do not repeat the reward); for through the National IPR demonstration pilot enterprises, the advantages of identified enterprises, given 100 thousand yuan reward.

Thirteenth patent awards

The national patent gold award and national patent Excellence Award were awarded 1 million yuan and 500 thousand yuan respectively; the National Design Award and the National Design Excellence Award were awarded 800 thousand yuan and 300 thousand yuan respectively.

Fourteenth patent agency incentives

For the patent agency of the park, the agent should apply for the invention patent with the address of Songshan Lake (ecological garden). The reward standard is 1000 yuan / pieces of service invention patents, 600 yuan / pieces of non service invention, and the annual accumulative total reward of each institution is not more than 200 thousand yuan. The patent agency that applies for award shall meet the following conditions:

1, by the Guangdong Provincial Intellectual Property Office for record, in the park registration according to law, and through the previous annual inspection;

2, patent agencies need to establish internal practice quality control management system, establish a standardized patent agency process management system;

3, in the Songshan Lake (Ecological Park) or above the municipal intellectual property management department was identified as valid complaints less than 2 and nothing more than normal and other non-standard patent applications.

Fifteenth intellectual property services institutions to cultivate incentives

Intellectual property services are encouraged to provide innovative services, such as intellectual property rights agency, search consultation, patent operation, value evaluation, pledge financing, patent warning, patent analysis, publicity and training, and overseas business consulting of enterprise intellectual property rights. For the service quality, professional service income of more than 2 million yuan, 4 million yuan, 8 million yuan of professional, standardized, large-scale intellectual property service agencies, respectively, given a one-time 100 thousand yuan, 200 thousand yuan, 500 thousand yuan reward.

The fourth chapter application and examination and approval

Sixteenth functions division of labor

Songshan Lake (Ecological Park) intellectual property bureau is responsible for the patent applications accepted, audit, assessment organization; Songshan Lake (Ecological Park) Finance Bureau is responsible for the patent subsidy funds allocated, Songshan Lake (Ecological Park) using the Bureau of supervision and auditing of the patent funding to carry out supervision and inspection.

Seventeenth applications

The applicant submits application materials according to the application of patent grant award issued by the Intellectual Property Office of Songshan Lake (ecological park). The application materials for various patent grants are examined in the form of the Intellectual Property Office of Songshan Lake (ecological park). If the form examination is not qualified, the applicant may resubmit the application materials within 5 working days. The applicant fails to submit the application materials in accordance with the provisions within 5 working days, which is deemed to be an application for withdrawal.

Eighteenth examination and approval procedures

The form of the examination of patent grant award, by the Songshan Lake (Ecological Park) intellectual property bureau is responsible for the audit and to determine funding and project funding payments, the Songshan Lake (Ecological Park) bureau of Finance agreed to review, at Songshan Lake (Ecological Park) management committee approval, the Songshan Lake (Ecological Park) intellectual property rights bureau issued a patent subsidy reward notice.

The fifth chapter, supervision accountability

The nineteenth patent grant funds must be earmarked for special audit and performance evaluation of the relevant departments. In addition to the expenses for the grant of awards and their management, examination, assessment, inspection and acceptance, other expenses shall not be charged in the grant funds of the patent.

The twentieth applicants for financial aid funds shall practise fraud in the process of applying for financial aid and take funds. Within a period of time, the funds allocated to them have been returned, and the qualifications for applying for financial reward within three years shall be cancelled. In violation of the law, the legal liabilities shall be investigated.

Twenty-first staff members who deal with financial contributions and abuse their duties or neglect their duties, and cause bad effects, shall be dealt with according to relevant provisions; if they violate the provisions of the law, they shall be investigated for legal responsibilities according to law.

The sixth chapter supplementary provisions

Twenty-second of the various methods of funding incentive funds are adopted declaration system. The measures have been put into effect since January 1, 2015 and have been tried until December 31, 2016. The relevant policies on the grant of patent awards, which are inconsistent with the provisions of these measures, shall be implemented in accordance with these measures. This method is explained by the Intellectual Property Office of Songshan Lake (ecological garden).

Dongguan Songshan Lake (ecological garden) administrative committee office issued in August 4, 2015

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