Dongguan Songshan Lake (Ecological Park) to encourage listed companies to reward Provisional Measures
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Chapter 1 General Provisions

In order to promote the depth of science and technology, finance, industry integration, accelerate scientific and technological development of financial innovation, encourage enterprises listed, expanding the proportion of direct financing, play the financial funds of the enterprises listed financing support, according to the relevant laws and regulations and policies of the state, province, city spirit, to develop this approach.

The funds required for the second measures are arranged by the scientific and technological development funds in the special funds for the development of the national independent innovation demonstration zone of Songshan Lake (Ecological Park) in Dongguan, and are incorporated into the budget management of Songshan Lake (ecological park).

The scope, conditions and standards of the second chapter

These third measures are applicable to enterprises registered in the Songshan Lake (ecological garden) and to pay the main tax sources, with independent legal person qualifications, and in accordance with the incentives of the measures. To pay the main tax source refers to nearly 12 months in Songshan Lake (Ecological Park) to pay tax accounted for more than 50% (including), such as Songshan Lake (Eco Park) industrial and commercial registration less than 12 months, in actual time calculation.

Fourth Dongguan listed reserve enterprises identified awards. Two stages of reward: in the first stage, the Dongguan municipal government identified as Dongguan listed reserve enterprises, reward 100 thousand yuan; the second stage, apply for listing in the domestic capital market, and formally accepted data by the statutory authorities, reward 1 million 900 thousand yuan.

Fifth listed financing incentives. The success in the domestic capital market IPO or domestic listed companies since the move of Songshan Lake (Ecological Park) within 12 months after the issuance of equity financing, and the net proceeds of 50% investment in Songshan Lake (Ecological Park), financial rewards according to 0.5% of the funds raised to give, not to exceed the maximum cumulative 8 million yuan (inclusive).

Sixth stock transfer system (commonly known as new three board) listing, trading methods, financing incentives. The successful listing in the National SME share transfer system (except in the enterprise has been listed), 500 thousand yuan reward; for the first time to take the way of market making transactions or regulatory authorities the following announcement of the higher level transaction, reward 100 thousand yuan (excluding from market making transactions into the way of supervision department the following announcement of the higher level transaction); since 12 months after the listing of equity financing (including equity financing listed in synchronous link), or has been listed since moving into the Songshan Lake (Ecological Park) within 12 months after the issuance of equity financing, and the net proceeds of 50% investment in Songshan Lake (Ecological Park), to give financial rewards according to the total funds raised 1%, the maximum not more than 1 million yuan (inclusive).

Seventh listed in the overseas or Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan capital market financing, the Songshan Lake (Ecological Park) management committee reference to this approach, according to the "one case one discussion" process approval.

The eighth way to get the single enterprise reward 500 thousand yuan (inclusive) above, to the Songshan Lake (Ecological Park) Committee submitted 5 years shall be registered from Songshan Lake (Ecological Park) a written commitment, the written commitment with the enterprise and the Songshan Lake (Ecological Park) Park Management Committee signed the investment agreement has the same legal effect.

The third chapter: application and approval of funds

Ninth Songshan Lake (Eco Park) science and technology innovation Bureau for business executives and the admissibility of the Department, the annual acceptance of enterprise applications, quarterly approval.

Tenth systems of cultivation and warehousing. For the orderly development of Songshan Lake (Ecological Park) construction of multi-level capital market, encourage and guide enterprises to actively use the capital market operation and development, intends to apply for the column award of the enterprise should be with the securities service institutions, accounting firms, law firms and other intermediary service agencies signed a service agreement for listing date 3 months (with the earliest signed intermediary service agreement time as a starting time), according to the "Songshan Lake (Ecological Park) enterprises listed warehousing application" foster (Annex 1) to Songshan Lake (Ecological Park) bureau of science and technology innovation for the cultivation of storage. The enterprises that apply for the cultivation of stocks after the application for the time limit shall be reduced by 90% according to the award for the first application of this method, and the enterprises which have not applied for the cultivation of warehousing shall not apply for the awards listed in the present measures.

Eleventh enterprises to apply for the Dongguan City Reserve listed companies that reward, the share transfer system listed transactions, rewards, in the completion of related work from the date within 3 months; listing financing incentives, stock transfer system of financing incentives, in the next year after the completion of related work and completion time distance made less than 6 months. According to the "Songshan Lake (Ecological Park) enterprise listing reward application" (Annex 2) to Songshan Lake (Ecological Park) for the Bureau of science and technology innovation, late application will not be accepted.

Twelfth, for the application material is incomplete, does not meet the specifications required, Songshan Lake (Ecological Park) science and technology innovation bureau should accept the application materials within 5 working days, notify the applicant to supplement and correct. The applicant shall, within 10 working days from the date of receipt of the notification, complete the supplement, correction and re submit the application materials. If the applicant fails to supplement and correct the application materials after the deadline, the applicant shall voluntarily withdraw the application.

Thirteenth through the review of the application unit, Songshan Lake (Ecological Park) science and technology innovation Bureau in batches in Songshan Lake (Ecological Park) CMC official website to the public publicity, publicity time for 7 working days. During the publicity, no organization or individual has any objection to the contents of the public notice, or that the application situation of illegal enterprises, should not be a reward, to the Songshan Lake (Ecological Park) bureau of science and technology innovation reflects or complaints, Songshan Lake (Ecological Park) bureau of science and technology innovation should be reflected in the receipt of complaints or date of 10 working days to verify the relevant circumstances, at the Songshan Lake CMC (Ecological Park) to decide whether to reward, and will verify the results and treatment responses reflect public complaints or.

Fourteenth for the public no objection to the application unit, Songshan Lake (Ecological Park) science and technology innovation Bureau reported Songshan Lake (Ecological Park) CMC approval.

The fourth chapter, capital execution and management

Fifteenth approved projects, by the applicant apply for funding approval issued according to the opinion, to the Songshan Lake (Ecological Park) science and Technology Innovation Council "Dongguan Songshan Lake (Ecological Park) allocated special funds for the development of national innovation demonstration zone application form" and other related materials, the Songshan Lake Science and Technology (Ecological Park) according to the process for the disbursement of funds innovation.

Sixteenth according to the needs of the work, the Songshan Lake (Ecological Park) bureau of science and technology innovation have the right to conduct supervision and performance evaluation combined with the relevant departments of the relevant measures of various kinds of incentive funds, timely grasp the use and management of special funds, performance evaluation of policy analysis.

The fifth chapter penalty

Seventeenth, in the use of special funds management work, one of the following circumstances, will be in accordance with the "who is in charge, who is responsible" principle, responsible for the direct responsibility or leadership of the Department responsible person and the relevant managers and other accountability:

(1) due to the lax examination, the applicants who fail to meet the qualification requirements are eligible for examination and finally receive special funds;

(two) the public notice system of special funds has not been strictly implemented;

(three) appropriation of funds in violation of the relevant regulations on the management of special funds;

(four) there are other violations of the laws and regulations of the state, which cause serious losses or serious negative effects of the special funds.

Eighteenth reward class funded units or individuals with the following conditions, once verified, will cancel its reward, recover the bonus and award certificates, and cancel the 3 years (Songshan Lake Ecological Park) to declare the financial aid funds qualifications, announce to the public at the same time:

(a) against plagiarism, others discoveries, inventions or other scientific and technological achievements;

(two) to provide false data, materials, or to defraud or assist others in obtaining financial reward funds by other means.

The sixth chapter supplementary provisions

Nineteenth for before these measures are promulgated, according to the "Interim Measures for the Songshan Lake high tech Zone to promote multi-level capital market management (Trial)" (Songshan Lake 2014 No. 58) the relevant provisions, submit the "Songshan Lake high tech Zone enterprises to apply for capital market incentives / filing applications for the enterprise, has accepted the book" in the stock transfer the system of listed companies, has been identified as the Dongguan City Reserve enterprises listed enterprises, will be automatically identified as cultivating warehousing enterprises, need not apply again. Other enterprises which have met the conditions for the application of the warehousing enterprises before the promulgation of these Measures shall apply for the cultivation of warehousing within 3 months from the date of promulgation of the measures, which shall not apply for overdue application.

Twentieth for before these measures are promulgated, has been identified as Dongguan listed back-up enterprises, but did not get through the Songshan Lake CMC (Ecological Park) reserve listed companies related to reward enterprises, can accept the formal application materials in the domestic capital market and the legal institutions, in accordance with the provisions of the provisions of article fourth apply for the two stage rewards found Dongguan enterprises listed reserve.

Twenty-first for before these measures are promulgated, have been listed in the stock transfer system, but did not get too (Songshan Lake Ecological Park Management Committee) for listed shares transfer system related reward enterprises, in this way can be issued within 3 months from the date of the share transfer system listed for reward.

In addition to the provisions of the nineteenth, twentieth and twenty-first provisions of the present measures, the application for rewards before the promulgation of the measures shall not be traced back to the twenty-second.

The twenty-third application enterprise has obtained the reward or subsidy from the capital market of the Songshan Lake (ecological garden) administrative committee before the promulgation of this method, and it shall be deducted accordingly in the relevant reward amount stipulated in the present measures.

Twenty-fourth the relevant provisions of these measures and the existing laws and regulations and other normative documents such as conflict, if no special instructions, should be more than a law and making subject of higher level documents shall prevail, such as conflict related norms and park prior to the development of the document, these Measures shall prevail. The contents of the relevant provisions of the present Measures overlap with other existing policies in the park and implement the principle of "from high to no repetition".

The twenty-fifth method is explained by the science and technology innovation Bureau of Songshan Lake (ecological park).

These twenty-sixth measures shall come into force on the date of promulgation, and shall be valid until December 31, 2020.

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