Pilot Measures for social organizations funded by Songshan Lake (Ecological Park)
  • 2018-10-15 16:50
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Chapter 1 General Provisions

First, in order to further support the development of social organizations in Songshan Lake (Ecological Park), support the social organizations to carry out services, activate the social environment of Songshan Lake (Ecological Park), and improve the social governance and public service functions, these measures are formulated.

The second chapter is the funding object

Second in the Songshan Lake (Ecological Park) area, the provincial, municipal or Songshan Lake (Ecological Park) relevant competent authorities approved by the establishment of social organizations.

The third chapter is the form of funding

Third according to quantitative evaluation scores, classified quantitative quota funding.

The fourth chapter conditions of declaration

The fourth social organizations must meet the following basic conditions when applying for financial aid:

(1) obtaining the registration certificate or the approval issued by the relevant competent departments of Songshan Lake (ecological park);

(two) the corporate governance structure is sound, and the internal management and supervision system is perfect;

(three) independent financial management, financial accounting and asset management system;

(four) a sound working team and good executive ability;

(five) no serious accidents or major service disputes such as no production safety, wage arrears, service breach and other serious service disputes occurred during the year, and no complaints of service quality such as calls, letters or network administration have been found for more than 3 times.

The fifth chapter application information

Fifth social organizations in the fourth quarter of each year to Songshan Lake (Ecological Park) Social Affairs Bureau submitted funding applications, including application materials include:

(1) application report of financial aid for social organizations.

(two) the registration certificate of social organizations legal person, or the registration certificate of private non enterprise units, or the approval issued by the relevant competent departments of Songshan Lake (ecological park).

(three) the annual quantitative evaluation table of the social organizations of Songshan Lake (Ecological Park) or the annual quantitative evaluation table of the private non enterprise units of Songshan Lake (ecological park).

(four) bank accounts of social organizations.

(five) other relevant certification materials.

The sixth chapter is funding review

Sixth (Songshan Lake Ecological Park) social affairs administration in accordance with the provisions of the provisions of article fourth, to declare the object qualification and application conditions for preliminary examination, in line with the conditions of re entering.

Seventh (Songshan Lake Ecological Park) Social Affairs Management Bureau jointly with relevant departments, experts review group, in accordance with the provisions of the article fourth, fifth hereof, review and score on the Declaration on the establishment of the object, within two years and more than two years (including two years) of the social organizations according to the score were selected for 10% of the total return a social organization, 20% grade two and 30% grade three social organizations, social organizations to carry out the quota subsidy.

After reviewing the scores of the eighth social organizations, the Social Affairs Bureau was granted approval by the administrative committee of Songshan Lake (ecological garden).

Ninth social organizations meeting the funding requirements are funded by the financial arrangements of Songshan Lake (ecological park):

(1) the first class social organization grants 50 thousand yuan;

(two) two level social organizations gave 30 thousand yuan financial aid;

(three) three level social organizations gave 20 thousand yuan financial aid.

The seventh chapter: the use and management of financial aid funds

Tenth subsidy funds allocated by the former, Songshan Lake (Ecological Park) social affairs administration of social organizations to obtain financial assistance of the list and the amount of subsidies in Songshan Lake (Ecological Park) on the website for publicity, publicity for a period of 5 working days (in case of national holidays extended). Without any objection, the funds should be disbursed to the social organization bank account before the first quarter of next year.

Eleventh Songshan Lake (Ecological Park) social affairs administration can organize special inspection for the recipients of social organizations, or commissioned audit departments or social audit institutions to carry out special audit of the recipients of social organizations.

Twelfth recipients of social organizations in violation of the relevant provisions of the measures used by grants, Songshan Lake (Ecological Park) Social Affairs Management Bureau jointly relevant departments supervise the rectification; if the circumstances are serious, be fully recovered, and cancel an annual subsidy eligibility declaration.

Thirteenth of the relevant units or individuals are false, impersonator, interception, misappropriation of funds and other illegal acts, according to relevant laws and regulations; constitute a crime, shall be transferred to judicial organs for criminal responsibility.

The name, fourteenth recipients of social organization office or the main person responsible for the change, must change to submit written explanation by the Songshan Lake (Ecological Park) social affairs administration; to apply for cancellation of the social organization, to suspend the disbursement of funding; approval of cancellation, stop the disbursement of funds.

The eighth chapter supplementary provisions

The fifteenth trial method shall be interpreted by the Social Affairs Bureau of Songshan Lake (ecological garden), which will come into force on the date of promulgation, and the validity is up to December 31, 2018.

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