Identification method of integrated circuit design enterprises in Songshan Lake (ecological garden)
  • 2018-10-15 16:50
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In order to standardize the identification work of the integrated circuit design enterprises in Songshan Lake (Ecological Park) and promote the healthy and orderly development of the integrated circuit design industry in the park, the measures are formulated in accordance with the actual situation of the park.

Chapter 1 General Provisions

In order to further standardize and promote the development of the integrated circuit design industry of Songshan Lake (ecological garden), strengthen the management of the identification work of the integrated circuit design enterprise in the park, and formulate the measures in combination with the actual situation of the park.

The second "integrated circuit design enterprise" refers to the enterprises engaged in IC development, design, system integration and related services in the park.

Third Songshan Lake (Ecological Park) Taiwan hi tech Park Management Bureau (hereinafter referred to as "Taiwan bureau") is entrusted by the administrative committee of Songshan Lake (Ecological Park), responsible for the identification of IC design enterprises in the park. In order to improve the professionalism of accreditation, we can employ the form of service outsourcing and employ professional organizations to assist the work.

The second chapter identifies the conditions and procedures

Fourth applications to identify integrated circuit design enterprises must meet the following conditions:

(a) was incorporated in the park range, and operate in accordance with the law in the park and actually engaged in integrated circuit design, function development and related services of independent corporate enterprises; domestic and foreign well-known IC design companies (inside and outside the IC design industry listed companies, domestic or international top 20 IC Design Enterprise) system integrated company in the park to set up branches or set up the integrated circuit design association;

(two) the number of R & D accounts for no less than 30% of the number of employees in that year;

(three) the main business has independent intellectual property rights;

(four) the method and ability to ensure the quality of design products, and establish a quality management system that meets the requirements of integrated circuits;

(five) it has the development environment, such as production and operation place, hardware and software facilities, which are compatible with the design of integrated circuit.

Fifth enterprises applying for IC design enterprises shall submit the following materials:

(1) application form of IC design enterprise (cover enterprise official seal);

(two) a copy of business license, tax registration certificate and other related enterprises to obtain the qualification certificate (enterprise has handled three in one business license, only need to provide a copy of the business license, all copy, cover the official seal of the enterprise);

(three) enterprise staff list (including name, educational background, job and other information), as well as R & D personnel labor contract and other related certification materials (cover enterprise official seal);

(four) enterprises pay social security certificate;

(five) the financial statements of the previous year (only one year after registration) the enterprise only needs to provide the capital verification report;

(six) the materials for the development or possession of intellectual property rights (such as patent, layout design registration, software copyright, etc.) of enterprises (if any, please provide);

(seven) other materials needed to be issued.

Sixth Songshan Lake (Eco Park) integrated circuit design enterprises identified in accordance with the following processes:

(1) enterprises may apply to the Taiwan Bureau for registration when they are registered in the park and meet the conditions of application;

(two) the Taiwan Bureau commissioned a professional agency to examine the authenticity of the enterprise application materials. The agency needs to investigate whether the enterprise meets the requirements of the software and hardware of the office of the integrated circuit design enterprise, and submits the enterprise data submitted to the Taiwan Bureau for review through the preliminary examination;

(three) the Taiwan Bureau issued a review opinion, and submitted the enterprise information to the CMC through the review;

(four) the administrative committee of Songshan Lake (Ecological Park) issued or entrusted the Taiwan bureau to issue the certification certificate for the integrated circuit design enterprise of Songshan Lake (ecological garden);

(five) the confirmation certificate of the integrated circuit design enterprise of Songshan Lake (ecological garden) is valid for three years from the date of issue. IC design enterprises may apply for re accreditation in accordance with the procedures within three months prior to the confirmation of the certificate.

The seventh has been identified as the park IC design enterprises, according to the "Dongguan Songshan Lake hi tech Industrial Development Zone to promote the development of integrated circuit industry management approach" to the relevant departments to apply for preferential policies.

Eighth enterprises that have been identified as an integrated circuit design enterprise, such as renaming, separation, merger, reorganization and major changes in business operations, shall make a written report to the Taiwan Bureau within 15 working days from the date of change. After the change is still in conformity with the requirements of the IC design enterprise, the corresponding change procedures shall be carried out; after the change does not meet the requirements of the IC design enterprise, the qualification shall be terminated.

The third chapter is supervision and management

Ninth of the identified IC design enterprises have one of the following circumstances, after the Taiwan Bureau reported to Songshan Lake (Ecological Park) CMC, cancel its park IC enterprise qualification:

(1) malicious information is provided in the application process;

(two) a tax evasion and tax fraud;

(three) major violations in safety, quality and company management have been punished by the relevant departments;

(four) there are other serious incidents such as labor disputes.

The fourth chapter supplementary provisions

The tenth detailed rules are explained by the administrative committee of Songshan Lake (ecological garden).

The eleventh rules shall be implemented from the date of promulgation, and shall be valid until December 31, 2016.

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