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Dongguan city Hanke cross-border Agel Ecommerce Ltd
  • 2018-10-15 16:44
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Dongguan city Hanke cross-border Agel Ecommerce Ltd is cross-border e-commerce enterprises in Dongguan municipal government key support, the registered capital of 10 million yuan, the company is located in Dongguan Songshan Lake high tech Industrial park,

Dongguan city Hanke cross-border Agel Ecommerce Ltd in Dongguan municipal government, global market group, Alibaba (China) established network technology limited company, Songshan Lake high tech Industrial Park, Southern China cross-border electricity supplier Industrial Park under the support of the Hanke company has nearly 100 large factories signed directional foreign trade personnel transport protocol, located in the main business of the company B2B generation operation services, cross-border business personnel training, employment recommendation, and service staff skills training of enterprise.

Hanke Training Institute was established in June 2014, the domestic and foreign trade lecturer 21, of which three foreign lecturers, as of 2015 October, Hanke foreign brand "Hanke Saturday held a total of 55 games, foreign trade business training more than 15000 people, is the trade training platform for the Pearl River Delta area is the most popular.

Hanke cross-border electricity supplier to carry out foreign trade talents for a year, and nearly 600 companies signed the Dongguan foreign trade personnel transport agreement, signed the "foreign talent employment base in Hunan and Hubei in 68 universities in Jiangxi". The Hanke training "Hanke foreign talent" single fast, low turnover rate by our customers. The company holds a monthly 2 "Graduates - manufacturing enterprises Shuangxuan Hanke through free trade training, help the graduates obtain employment dream of foreign trade enterprises, to solve the current trade market do not recruit graduates of embarrassment.

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