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Guangdong enterprise human resources outsourcing services Ltd.
  • 2018-10-15 16:44
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The first comprehensive Zhitong talent, based on the human resources service provider O2O mode.

The company was born in February 24, 1995, after 20 years of development and innovation, has become a recruitment outsourcing, headhunting consulting, education and training, family services four service system of human resources service chain group. The first ten years, to become an independent school "Zhitong talent recruitment network recruitment + + newspaper recruitment" multi media interactive recruitment model, provide recruitment services for enterprises; second to ten years, the company actively import business human resources service concept, explore the establishment of "network + drainage line delivery" O2O model. RPO, BPO, personnel agency, high-end talent search, occupation education, family services, HR media and other integrated services all aspects of human resources, human resources and provide personalized according to customer needs the overall solution; the next ten years, the company to build China first human resources service "TBL" ecosystem, do focus on Talent (T), the employer (B), family (L) to grow the first human resources service brand, to become a respected by the people of the world, with international vision, the Responsible, contributing, environmentally friendly high value-added enterprises, and in the human resources services in the Internet, intelligent, information technology leader in the field of leadership.

By the end of 2014, Zhitong talent has set up more than 50 branches in the country's more than 30 city, with 1300 employees. The company is the vice president of China Talent Exchange Association, and won the title of China famous trademark in 2011. It has been recognized as a national high-tech enterprise since 2007. In August 13, 2014, Zhitong talent successfully landed three new board (Stock Code: 830969), became the first Chinese human resource service O2O shares, won the favor of the capital market.

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