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Dongguan Jing Ying Human Resources Service Co., Ltd.
  • 2018-10-15 16:44
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Dongguan Jing Ying Human Resources Service Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jing Ying human") is a professional engaged in recruitment, training, HR outsourcing and headhunting service human resources services company, is the city of Shenzhen Jing surplus Talent Service Co. Ltd. a wholly owned subsidiary, the company headquarters is located in Shenzhen Futian Free Trade zone.

Jing surplus manpower was awarded the State Ministry of CEAC (the national computer and electronic commerce education certification) qualification certification exam training unit, is to upgrade the support service center with the Ministry of personnel exchange center Southern China branch business docking only talent service platform operators transformation of Dongguan foreign trade industry.

Fine surplus manpower is committed to doing "human" thing, the human resources and enterprises and institutions post resources and information resources in the human resources intermediary service platform for scientific matching and deployment. After years of accumulation, Jing Ying manpower has a very rich human resources and enterprise resources, fine surplus manpower clutching the development opportunities of Songshan Lake National High tech Zone, adhering to the concept of keeping pace with the times, and constantly optimize the allocation of resources, to provide high-quality professional services.

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