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Introduction to Songshan Lake
  • 2018-10-19 09:46
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Geographical Location

Songshan Lake National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone (Songshan Lake for short), located in the geographically geometric center of Dongguan City, is a key part to the Five Clusters, namely Central Cluster, Northwest Cluster, Southwest Cluster, Northeast Cluster and Southeast Cluster. With a total planned control area of 103 square kilometers, lake surface area of 8 square kilometers, wetland area of 6.5 square kilometers, ecological green land area of 14 square kilometers and a green coverage ratio of over 60%, Songshan Lake boasts superior geographical and ecological environment. In addition, Songshan Lake has developed convenient and versatile transportation network, with 300-km urban roads and greenways inside, Dongguan-Huizhou Intercity Railway, Dongguan-Shenzhen Expressway, Changping-Humen Expressway, Songshan Lake Avenue and Shengtaiyuan Avenue running through, and G107 National Highway, Guanzhang Road and Shida Road surrounded around.

Development History

The development of Songshan Lake since its establishment can be divided into the following four stages. Firstly, it is the start-up stage. The municipal Party committee and municipal government of Dongguan City, in 2001, had a forward-looking plan for development mode transformation and innovation and proposed to develop and construct the Songshan Lake Science and Technology Industrial Park with a total planned control area of 72 square kilometers, and then in 2006, decided to integrate six towns (including Liaobu and Hengli) along the Eastern Dongguan Expressway into Songshan Lake to construct the Dongguan Eco-industrial Park covering a planned control area of 31 square kilometers. Secondly, it is the accelerated development stage. In September 2010, Songshan Lake was upgraded into a national hi-tech industrial development zone upon approval of the State Council. In 2011, Dongguan Eco-industrial Park was listed as one of the first provincial circular economy industry parks in Guangdong province, and in 2012 was approved to be built into a national model park for eco-industry. Thirdly, it is the overall-planning cluster development stage. In December 2014, the municipal Party committee and municipal government decided to integrate the development of Songshan Lake National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone and Dongguan Eco-industrial Park. In September 2015, Songshan Lake was nominated as a national independent innovation demonstration area in the Pearl River Delta and initially determined the "1+2+N" (i.e. 1 axis + 2 cores + N neighboring towns) spatial layout. In March 2017, Songshan Lake and its neighboring towns Shilong, Liaobu, Dalingshan, Dalang, Shipai and Chashan were combined into Songshan Lake Area, newly with Dongguan Neutron Science City cored by CSNS under the jurisdiction of Songshan Lake. Now Songshan Lake ranks the 23rd of all national high-tech zones in China, the 3rd in Guangdong Province and the 1st among prefecture-level cities in terms of overall strength.

Development Status

Major Economic Indicators

In 2017, Songshan Lake's GDP was 38.608 billion Chinese yuan, growing by 13.8%, total tax revenue 14.811 billion Chinese yuan, increasing by 47%, and gross industrial output value and industrial added value of enterprises above designated size were 303.978 billion and 33.269 billion Chinese yuan respectively, both with an increase of 18%.

Major Development Achievements

First of all, an eco-friendly and characteristic development framework has been constructed. In line with the planning idea of "building a livable and business-friendly ideal place and developing the industries while preserving the environment", Songshan Lake constructed an ecological park covering 3.5 million square meters and a national urban wetland park covering 6.5 million square meters. As a national 4A scenic spot with a green coverage ratio of over 60%, Songshan Lake is endowed with first-class ecological environment which is a major competitive edge and highlight.

Secondly, a relatively complete innovation ecosystem has been established. Starting with the promotion of Pearl River Delta National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, Songshan Lake has cultivated 253 national hi-tech enterprises, 26 new-type R&D institutes, 35 incubators, 62 engineering technology R&D centers and 41 key laboratories at municipal level or above. More than 56% of the Songshan Lake-based enterprises above designated size have set up a R&D institute. Songshan Lake has accommodated 19 academicians, 1 expert from the National High-level Talents Special Support Program (also called Ten Thousand Talents Program), 7 leading talents of Guangdong Province, 46 leading talents of Dongguan City and 127 talents with special characteristics. Besides, in order to develop a cluster of big science facilities covering spallation neutron source and synchrotron light source and build itself into a national comprehensive scientific center, Songshan Lake has started the construction of the Neutron Science City with a planned area of 45.7 square kilometers.

Thirdly, innovation-driven industrial clusters have begun to take shape. With the goal of building a scientific and technological innovation center, Songshan Lake has established the "4+1" industrial system centered by high-end electronic information, biological medicine, robot, new energy and modern service, and successfully brought in a number of industry leading enterprises including Huawei Terminal Headquarters, EAST Group and Shengyi Technology. In 2017, the high-end electronic information industry achieved a gross industrial output value of 281.634 billion Chinese yuan, and both the robot and the high-end equipment manufacturing industries witnessed a rapid development, making Songshan Lake a pilot innovation-driven industrial cluster in Guangdong Province. Guangdong Intelligent Robotics Institute and Songshan Lake Xbot Park have been founded, and a group of robot technology enterprises including Quotient Kinetics Machine and Incode Automation have been incubated. The biotechnology industry has been unlocking development potential step by step, with Dongguan Cross-Straits Biotech Industry Cooperation Base officially established and 7 biotech public service platforms duly constructed. Songshan Lake Internet Industry Alliance, and Dongguan's first VR industrial base and industry alliance have been set up. Furthermore, Songshan Lake has won a series of honorary titles successively, including Guangdong Service Outsourcing Demonstration Area, Guangdong "Internet +" Model Area and Provincial Demonstration Base of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Service and Trade Liberalization. At present, Songshan Lake has 29 listed enterprises and 19 back-up companies to be listed.

Fourthly, an international business environment ruled by law has been created. In 2013, Songshan Lake was the first to issue electronic business licenses, and then in 2014, became one of the first to accept clustered registration of E-commerce enterprises. In 2016, Songshan Lake set up the first one-stop civic center in Dongguan, through which 774 items requiring administrative approval could be handled in a rapid way and citizens were greatly benefited. Songshan Lake One-stop Investment and Business Startup Service Platform (also called the Urban Reception Hall), "Songshan Lake Cup" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, Dongguan Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talents Service Center, Songshan Lake Hi-tech Enterprises Listing Promotion Association, and the leaders-enterprises contact system have been established.

Fifthly, beneficial exploration to overall-planning cluster development has been made.

The overall-planning cluster development strategy has been implemented in depth, and the Work Leading Group of Promoting Overall-planning Cluster Development of Songshan Lake Area and also a stream of innovative systems including joint conference system, trans-department coordination meeting system and task force operation mechanism have been established. Six benefit sharing mechanisms in respect to education, medical, investment & financing, infrastructure, joint investment attraction and science park co-construction have been built in an exploratory manner. Branches of the development & reform commission, planning, land & resources, transportation and industrial & commercial administration have been set up in Songshan Lake Area. Time for conclusion of items requiring administrative approval has been shortened to 2-2.5 working days. Songshan Lake Finance Industry Group was founded and has set up 6 joint venture companies with the six towns in Songshan Lake Area, i.e. Shilong, Liaobu, Dalingshan, Dalang, Shipai and Chashan respectively. Songshan Lake Area Investment Promotion Meeting of 2017 in Shenzhen was successfully held and 29 projects have been signed on the scene, with a total amount exceeding 25 billion Chinese yuan. Overall planning for public services like education and medical has been enhanced. Songshan Lake Central Primary School and Liaobu Xixi Primary School have reached win-win cooperation and new school term has begun successfully as usual. Songshan Lake Community Health Service Center and Dongguan 3rd People's Hospital have signed a contract for joint construction of medical union. Since the implementation of such overall planning, Songshan Lake Area's development potential has been further released, development motivation further enhanced, and GDP grown 10.9%, ranking the first among six areas in Dongguan.

Future Direction of Development

Guided by the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress and the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping in the work of Guangdong, Songshan Lake will thoroughly implement Xi Jinping’s thought on socialism of Chinese characteristics for a new era, unswervingly promote the work of the following six aspects, comprehensively deepening reform, advancing innovation-driven development and overall-planning cluster development, constructing new-type industrial systems, boosting city-industry integrative development and strengthening Party self-discipline. Songshan Lake will put forth effort to build the two core innovation platforms, give full play to its supporting, leading and modeling role in the citywide development, and help Dongguan to become a pioneer in building a moderately prosperous society and a pilot area of socialism modernization.

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