Industrial Development

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Songshan Lake's Key Industries

New-generation Information Technology Industry

The new-generation information technology, a leader in the fields of communication equipment and intelligent terminal, has become the pillar industry of hundred billion Chinese yuan and reached the world's advanced level. Complete industry chains cored by information communication technology and covering basic equipment, communication network, R&D, platform, production, operation management and application service have taken shape. A batch of quality enterprises including Huawei, Huabel Electronic Technology, TP-LINK and Goertek have settled down in Songshan Lake.


Bio-industry has been developing with great support, and biological medicine, medical apparatus & instruments and some other key fields have been growing rapidly. Industrial support chains covering medicine R&D, medical apparatus & instruments, Chinese patent medicine, in vitro diagnostic (IVD), research institute and venture capital of bio-industry have taken shape. A number of quality enterprises including HEC Pharm, 3SBio, Modern Dental and Anke Medical Technology have settled down in Songshan Lake.

Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing Industry

A robot industrial cluster dominated by robot system integrators, core components manufacturers and intelligent equipment enterprises has been developed. In recent years, the robot industry, particularly the light-weight robot, has witnessed a scale and explosive development. A group of quality enterprises including Zhengye Technology and Topstar have settled down in Songshan Lake.

New Energy Industry

The new energy industry has been developing rapidly. Technical research and development, equipment manufacturing, energy development, popularization & application and industrial service in terms of solar energy, biomass energy, wind energy, energy storage power station and new-energy vehicles have been given major support. Industrial chains covering power generation, power transmission, energy storage, new-energy vehicles and key components thereof have been initially formed. Amperex Technology, EAST and some other new energy companies have settled down in Songshan Lake.

New Material Industry

With the near-term goals of local technological breakthroughs and key products development, Songshan Lake has focused on materials that have wide market application, high level of industrialization, strong leading role and great strategic importance, and concentrated efforts in cultivating leading enterprises, optimizing product & technology structure, application level and industrialization ability of new functional materials and advanced structural materials and exploring R&D and technology application of leading-edge new materials. In addition, taking the major science and technology infrastructure CSNS as the platform, Songshan Lake has boosted the aggregation of new material R&D institutes for further development of the new material industry.

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