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Introduction to Songshan Lake Civic Center

Songshan Lake Civic Center (hereinafter referred to as “the Civic Center”) is a comprehensive service center set up by Songshan Lake Administrative Committee to first implement the “One-door & One-network” government service mode reform. Officially placed in service on November 15, 2016 and covering a total office area of 3,500 square meters, the Civic Center has set up 9 main functional zones including window service zone and guiding service zone. Oriented by the diversified demands of both the citizens and the business enterprises, the Civic Center offers intimate services in various forms. Now the Civic Center has become a bridge of communication between government and citizens, an important platform for showing Songshan Lake’s international image, and also a model of the new type of cordial and clean relationship between government and business.

On the one hand, the Civic Center, aiming for handy service for the public, has carried out service hall reforms. As the physical service hall subject to continuous improvement, citizens have steadily enhanced experience in the Civic Center. Firstly, one-door & one-window services have been realized. The Civic Center has 27 government units stationed inside, 103 service windows open to the public and 1,054 processible items, all of which have been gathered under the same roof. Each of the following six major categories of business has a comprehensive service window, namely people’s livelihood services, business establishment services, engineering construction services, business license services, tax services and handy public services, among which people’s livelihood services, business establishment services, engineering construction services and business license services can be done one-stop through their respective service window. In 2017, the average time for processing an item was less than 20 minutes and the service efficiency has been highly praised by the citizens. Secondly, the physical service hall has been humanized. Based on the traditional functional zones, the Civic Center has provided some convenience-for-people services and facilities, including consulting, guiding, printing, photocopying, coffee and tea services, and guiding service counter, science and technology displayer, self-help data input machine and coffee house. Thirdly, convenience-for-people and favorable-to-people measures have been innovated. The Civic Center was the first in Dongguan City to deliver by post the approved certificates and licenses to the proper recipients. In addition, the Civic Center has introduced another 12 government units including water supply, power supply, fuel gas supply, broadcasting & TV, visa application, real estate and securities to station inside and remained open to the public even at weekends. Adhering to the featured brand of “Citizens Classroom”, the Civic Center occasionally launches many activities for the convenience and for the benefit of the people. Fourthly, a branch of the Civic Center has been set up. Songshan Lake Community Comprehensive Service Center, Shining Rain Party-Masses Service Center and the Southern Service Hall have been set up as trial branches, and received over 150 public service items. Citizens can enjoy government services right at their doorstep. Fifthly, 24-hour self-service area has been set up. Self-service terminals of departments including tax affairs, social insurance, traffic police and public security have been newly added, and more than 60 public service items can be processed at any time by the citizens themselves. Sixthly, a provincial pilot zone exclusively for reforms of administrative examination and approval of construction projects has been constructed in Songshan Lake. Taking the opportunity of pilot reform, Songshan Lake has implemented all aspects of the new management and service mode of construction project examination and approval, i.e. “Notification & Commitment + Negative List + Credit Supervision” system, so that processing time is shortened, work efficiency is enhanced and business environment is optimized.

On the other hand, the Civic Center, oriented by intelligent services, has promoted the construction of online service hall. Taking humanized and intellectualized public services as the starting point, the Civic Center has further advanced reforms of the “one-door & one-window” service mode. Firstly, a WeChat official account has been created and opened to the public. Citizens can enjoy 15 high-quality services including making an appointment, getting a queue number in advance and making a comment through the WeChat account named “Songshan Lake Civic Center”. Up to now, such WeChat account has accumulated over 40 thousand users and every day at least 1200 users get a queue number through the WeChat account. Secondly, a comprehensive service system has been developed. Songshan Lake One-door & One-window Comprehensive Service System, equipped with 10 system modules including acceptance registration, business approval, service hall management and data statistics, has been developed to further boost reforms of business acceptance mode. Thirdly, online service hall has been significantly improved. Both business enterprises and citizens can learn about in advance information like conditions and materials for business processing and processing procedures either through the service window or on the Internet, and carry out online declaration. Fourthly, online one-stop service has been aggressively explored. Informationization has been given full play to make non face-to-face examination & approval and unnecessarily errands running come true.

In order to improve public services in an all-round, multi-angle and multi-field manner, to build an international business environment ruled by law and boasting the least approval procedures, the shortest processing time, the lowest cost and the best services, and to provide strong support to the realization of taking the lead in promoting high-quality economic development system and mechanism, constructing modern economic system, making new ground in pursuing opening up on all fronts and establishing a social governance model based on collaboration, participation and common interests, the Civic Center has deepened the reforms of public service mode.

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