Historical background
  • 2018-10-15 16:42
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         In April 2017, Dongguan Municipality promulgated the Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Strategy of Co-organizing the Development of the Park and the Plan of Promoting the Development of 1 + 6 Unified Co-operation of the Songshanhu Area.

        Based on the urban pattern of "one center and four groups", Dongguan City, in accordance with the principle of "leading the park, benefiting the best, having similar functions, and continuing stability", has innovated and defined the town (park) of the whole city into six major areas and determined Songshan Lake, Marina Bay New Area, Water Village Metro Park as a co-ordinating development of the pilot area.

        Songshan Lake Area includes Songshan Lake and surrounding Cha Shanzhen, Liaobu Town, Dalang Town, Dalingshan Town, Shilong Town and Shek Pai Town with a total area of 463 square kilometers and a resident population of 1,570,700.

Data as of December 2016

         The time endows the mission and the opportunity is tested.

         The national "The Belt and Road", "Guangdong Bay Area", "Guangdong Province, the construction of socialist modernization pilot area" and "Guangzhou Shenzhen Technology Innovation corridor" and other major development strategy to accelerate the implementation of. In the Pearl River Delta, a vibrant and energetic Pearl River Delta, a double change based on industry and space is happening quietly.

         Those who do not seek a global lack of a domain plan; those who do not seek Jesus Christ, seek temporary shortage.

         Facing the new situation and new challenges, the Dongguan municipal government to keep pace with the times, breaking the traditional administrative regional restrictions, explaining the development of institutional obstacles, to co-ordinate the development of park group as the core strategy, and strive to build the well-off society, the first step on the basic realization of the new journey of socialist modernization.

         The development strategy of the park is coordinated, the aim is to develop, the essence is the reform, and the key is the long term. Overall planning is mainly for the overall development direction, the overall development mechanism, the overall planning of space resources, the overall planning of government services, and the overall development effectiveness. It is important to promote the innovation of administrative management, the innovation of resource allocation, the balance of innovation interests, and the innovation of investment and financing mechanism.

Dongguan has designated the city's streets (parks) as six zones, and has defined the development orientation of each area. At the same time, it is clear that every area has a park or a major development platform as a "tipping point". Songshan Lake Hi-tech Zone, Binhai Bay New Area and Shui Xiang new town are the three leading areas of the middle weight of the six major areas.

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