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Settlement in Songshan Lake for a Third Year: Guangdong Intelligent Robotics Institute Provides Strong Technical Support for Intelligent Manufacturing and Has Provided Technology Services for over 200 Enterprises
  • 2018-11-06 16:58
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  • Publisher:DongguanSongshan Lake Sci. & Tech. Industry Park

There are various types of industrial robots inside the display room of Guangdong Intelligent Robotics Institute (hereinafter referred to as the Intelligent Institute) in Dongguan University City, Songshan Lake. The intelligent equipment designed for different industries also reflects the results of technology research achieved by the Intelligent Institute.

Technology support is indispensable for either robotics enterprises or manufacturing enterprises. The Intelligent Institute is a public science and technology innovation platform with great strengths. In the past three years after its establishment in Songshan Lake, the Intelligent Institute has offered technology services for more than 200 enterprises and has incubated over 10 robotics enterprises in the industrial park.

The Intelligent Institute has served over 200 manufacturing enterprises.

Established in 2015, the Intelligent Institute is a public science and technology innovation platform built in accordance with the standard for new type of R&D institute and with a research focus on intelligent industrial robots with high precision and high efficiency. In the last three years, the Intelligent Institute has been dedicated to the technology research of such core areas as integrated drive and control, multi-axis robots, automatic guided vehicle (AGV), Internet of things (IoT), machine vision, intelligent equipment, and industrial big data. It now boasts fruitful technology results.  

According to Ni Mingtang, Deputy Director of the Intelligent Institute, so far the institute has built R&D headquarters, robot and intelligent equipment industrial base and R&D center for intelligent equipment in Songshan Lake, and it also has an intelligent equipment incubation base in Dongguan GDH Yinping Cooperative Innovation Zone. Its R&D headquarters is home to multiple R&D centers such as centers for industrial robots, new type of robots, control system, high-power laser, and industrial big data.

The Intelligent Institute has been committed to introducing innovation teams from abroad. Currently, its unmanned vessel team and industrial big data team are awarded Innovation Team of Guangdong Province and its high-power laser team has been awarded Dongguan Innovation Team.

In the past three years following its settlement in Songshan Lake, the Intelligent Institute has been constantly seeking technology breakthroughs and trying to serve enterprises with these technologies. Ni Mingtang said that the Intelligent Institute has provided services for more than 200 enterprises, including some industrial leaders such as Huawei, OPPO, and JANUS Intelligent. “The industries we serve are very extensive, including mobile phone electronics, automobile processing, garment, food and furniture,” said Ni Mingtang.

Inside the workshop of JANUS Intelligent in Dongcheng District, 180 machines on the 10 production lines are running. With few workers in the workshop, it is the ten-odd robotic arms that play the key role. The intelligent workshop was rebuilt by the Intelligent Institute and was granted 2015 national intelligent manufacturing demonstration project.

The 3C industry (namely, computers, communications and consumer electronics) represents the key area that the Intelligent Institute puts most efforts into. Targeted at the advanced smartphone industrial chain, the Intelligent Institute has developed multiple types of robots, including the robot that polishes mobile phone cases, robot that monitors the motherboard of mobile phone and robot that bonds 3D glass. Now some enterprises in Dongguan are using the robots developed by the Intelligent Institute.

Last year saw the settlement of Guangdong industrial big data innovation team in the Intelligent Institute. The innovation team mainly develops industrial big data software and hardware products for intelligent manufacturing industry. With the technology and platform of the Intelligent Institute, the industrial big data becomes transparent and visible. The platform can provide top-level design for enterprises experiencing intelligent upgrading. In the future, the technology can be applied to industries such as 3C, house appliances and equipment manufacturing. As a result, manufacturing enterprises in Guangdong will witness comprehensive improvement on digital, network and intelligence fronts.

Enterprises under incubation will reach 20 this year.

Ni Mingtang told the journalist that the Intelligent Institute has determined its marketization path as soon as it was established. In the last several years, it has been actively conducting market exploration apart from ramping up efforts in technology research and development. “The average revenue of the major departments of the Intelligent Institute approached 100 million RMB in last year and that number is expected to reach 150 million this year,” said Ni Mingtang.

Aside from conducting technology research and development, the Intelligent Institute is also actively carrying out enterprise incubation. Its major industrial orientation is still robot and intelligent equipment. Ni Mingtang expressed that up until now, the Intelligent Institute holds shares in more than 10 enterprises it incubated. This year the number of enterprises under incubation will exceed 20.

Though the incubated enterprises were established not long ago, some of them have already entered into a stage of rapid development, which is attributed to the powerful technology support and abundant market resources of the Intelligent Institute. “The technologies of some start-ups are fragmented, but we can help them upgrade these fragmented technologies so that they will become systematic. The enterprises will grow and thrive,” said Ni Mingtang.

Furthermore, the Intelligent Institute has been developing in the market of the Pearl River Delta for several years and has accumulated rich enterprise resources, which can also be used to help incubated enterprises for their market exploration. In terms of capital, the Intelligent Institute itself also has industrial fund. “We are able to provide one-stop services with respect to enterprise incubation,” said Ni Mingtang.

In 2014, Ni Mingtang started to engage in the construction of the Intelligent Institute. Now he has been working in Songshan Lake for 4 years. He said, “the development of Songshan Lake in the past few years is impressive and the industrial park has already formed an industrial cluster effect in the robotics industry. The enterprises here are equipped with strong innovation capability and the ecological chain of the robotics industry is improving.”

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